At the Cottage we want you to really enjoy your massage experience. You can have the pressure as firm or as light as you like it. Our couches are heated and we light candles to create a relaxing treatment room.

Couples Massage

Share a relaxing moment with your loved one, mother, daughter, or just a good friend. We have a gorgeous, spacious double treatment room so you can be pampered together.

Booking a couples massage saves you money too!

Aromatherapy Massage

This is the top to toe massage treatment. Including scalp and face and down to your  toes to leave you feeling amazingly relaxed.

We personally blend our oils and will use one to help you get the most out of your massage.

La Stone Therapy

This is the original La Stone Therapy, which uses hot and cool stones. The heat from the stones penetrates deeper into your muscles giving you a deeper massage. The effects from this massage are longer lasting too. We use the cool marble on the parts of the body that may benefit from a circulation boost.

Remedial Massage

A clinical massage for treating pain and injury.  Integrating sports, stretching, soft tissue and deep tissue release and trigger point techniques.  1 hour

Pregnancy Massage

From 12 weeks, this gentle massage is received lying on your side, with cushions to suit and provides many benefits, including easing stress and anxiety, muscle aches, fluid retention, raised blood pressure, and can benefit baby through increased circulation, nutrients and endorphins.

Deep Tissue Massage

This technique focuses on deeper layers of muscle, releases tension patterns, releases muscle fibres whilst relaxing and soothing the muscle. It can break up and eliminate scar tissue, is therapeutic, corrective and can release toxins to help the flow of oxygen, nutrients and general circulation.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This is a light touch, relaxing yet powerful massage stimulating the lymph system to encourage the body’s own healing process, assisting removal of excess fluids and waste products. Benefits include enhanced sleep, reduced stress, improved digestion, tissue decongestion and strengthened immune system, so it is ideal for those prone to colds and infections and pre and post surgery.